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We live, We love, We leave

Frits de Beer

What started out as a drone testflight for a project in Norway ended up in a short film about living, loving and leaving. Driving up to the location were I was going to do test flights i got the latest album of New York bass player John Patitucci on Spotity and had hour and a half to think of a concept.
We were going to do some work together anyway so I send him an mail and was allowed to use one of his songs “Truth”

The short is about life and death and all in between, we come and go.
Life is sometimes not a fairytale but just a hard but beautiful truth.


Project Details

Concept |Frits de Beer
Camera, edit | Frits de Beer
Composed | John Patitucci 
Cello | Sachi Patitucci
Double | Bass, John Patitucci

Woman | Sibrechje Mulder
Girl |Maartje Bergwerff

Writing the concept for the film

Preparing drone

Maartje waiting for her cue

Showing Maartje were to walk

Beer in het bos

In flight with the drone and directing

Late night Edit's, cant stop, cant stop.

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